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5 Reasons to Hire a Photo + Video Team for Your Breckenridge Elopement

Recently Engaged? Here’s why we think you should consider booking a photo + video team for your Breckenridge elopement or wedding.

breckenridge colorado photo and video team

You’re engaged, YAY! Now what? You probably feel like you have exactly one million things to think about, decisions to make, people to hire. You just wanna drink champagne and get your dress and freaking get married, right? Here’s the deal – it doesn’t need to feel overwhelming and you don’t need to spend hours Googling or searching hashtags on Instagram trying to find the perfect vendors. WHAT’S MORE, you definitely don’t need to spend extra time trying to find both a photographer and videographer who you love. Not to be too cliche, but you literally can “get the best of both worlds”. How? Hire a photo + video team for your Breckenridge elopement. There are countless ways it’ll simplify your planning and give you an amazing experience, but we’ll start with 5 of them for now.

Here’s why you should hire a photo + video team for your Breckenridge (or anywhere in Colorado) elopement or intimate wedding.

photo + video team

1. It simplifies your contract & payment processes.

We get it – hardly anyone actually reads contracts. But you really need to. It can feel like a lot to take in and keep track of, but that’s the first reason it’s a benefit to you to hire a team for two of the unquestionably biggest vendors you’ll be hiring – your wedding photographer and videographer. When you book a team you have ONE contract. You have ONE payment schedule. You have identical terms and delivery dates. You’ve got enough to think about. Simplifying this part of the process can be a big weight off your shoulders.

Breckenridge winter elopement at Sapphire Point.

2. You receive a gallery and film with consistent editing and color grading.

This isn’t a deal-breaker for everyone, but if you’re like me, you see a lot of beauty in things looking nice together. When you book a photo + video elopement team, your gallery and your film are edited by the same eyes with the same processes. We take the same color grading steps for both your photos and film. So, not only is your story told the same in both your photos and your video, the final delivery and presentation is pretty darn beautiful, too.

Like these!

mountain elopement in breckenridge

3. Hiring a photo + video team ensures equal importance is placed on both services.

When you hire a team who provides both – and I mean REALLY, actually provides both services (not just one being an add-on to the other) – you’re guaranteed to receive final products that reflect both equally. It’s no small amount of money you’re spending when you hire your elopement photographer & videographer. We get that. This is why it’s so important that your day be represented well in both your final gallery and your film.

breckenridge colorado photo and video team

4. There are no missed moments.

Wedding and elopement days can move fast and it’s pretty impossible to be in multiples spots at one time. If you last minute decide you want a first look with your dad when you get out of the car in just a few moments, but your videographer (Dave) is setting up for your ceremony across the mountain, don’t fret. We got you. Your photographer (me) can step in and get both. Or, if your photographer is grabbing detail shots and your videographer is in another part of the house with the groom and his dad steps for an unplanned moment, he can grab video and also snap a still or two for photo. No missed moments here! We’re on the same team – and we’re both here for you – which means we both know exactly what the other is looking for, so YOU don’t have to miss anything.

breckenridge colorado photo and video team

5. You know they know how to work well together.

Gone are the days of your photographer hating on your video dude, or vice versa. Hiring a team ensures that they work together seamlessly. The coordinated movements, shared focused time during portraits, NOT TO MENTION casual banter and hilariously awful joined jokes. <– This is what you get when you work with us. We know exactly what the other is doing during every moment – the shots we’re setting up, the style we’re aiming for, which means you just get to cuddle together while we take care of the rest.

breckenridge colorado photo and video team

Crafting really beautiful films + photos for the wild at heart, Basecamp Visual is a Breckenridge, Colorado based videography and photography husband and wife duo, Dave & Shanna. Are you on the hunt for a creative storytelling team for your upcoming Colorado intimate wedding or elopement? Interested in a session just because? Let’s talk about it! Contact us today to learn more.

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