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After experiencing the million different ways a good love story can look, we can confidently say this: all stories are begging to be shared.
We specialize in weddings + elopements, brands + businesses & documentary families.



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"Shanna & Dave are amazing humans. I know the care and love they put into their clients, and I know it because their reason is so their own family can have lives full of love and epic adventure and kindness."


-Kyla Fear, friend & Photographer



It all starts with a love story.

We’re a real life example of dreams coming true and now we want a front row seat to yours.

Your wild, real love - for your partner or for your passion. Your kitchen dance parties & embarrassing car concerts. Your midnight oil & self-made #dreamjob come true.

Whatever it looks like - those stories, all the big and little in-between moments, mean everything.


If you're looking for photo & video for your wedding, for your small business, or for your family,

your search ends here.

We're Dave + Shanna, and we make photos & films.


Our story goes a little something like:
FB message & fro-yo date —> married in a meadow —> moved to the mountains —> building our dreams and a house in the mountains with our 2 thriving businesses & 3 perfectly rowdy little boys.


There's a lotta love and not a lotta sleep.


What does yours look like?


let's explore your story

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Professional photo + video for all your love stories.


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