The Benefit of Professional Photos for Your Airbnb Listing

In a sea of short term rentals, professional photos for your Airbnb listing & Instagram account make your property stand out and get booked!

professional photos for your airbnb listing

Let’s talk about the many benefits of professional photos for your Airbnb listing & Instagram account – or simply your online presence.

We live in arguably one of the most saturated short term rental areas in the country. And we get it! Colorado (the Breckenridge area, specifically) is a desirable location for an investment property. The appeal is easy to understand. Block off the dates you want to visit with your own family, and list the rest of the calendar to share your property with others who also want to enjoy our beautiful mountains!

The popularity, though, presents an added task for short term rental hosts. How to make your property stand out among all the rest.

So, how do you do just that? When potential guests are scrolling the apps looking for a place to stay, how do you increase the likelihood they’ll stop on your listing?

Short term rental success isn’t a one-simple-step process.

It’s about the design.
About having a unique property.
About being a good host.
It’s about thinking of your guests’ & neighbors’ experiences over making a “quick buck”.

But, we’re not hosting experts, so we won’t speak in detail to any of that. What we can share about, though, is the visual aspect of your content. Once you’ve taken care of the above, take the extra step to set your listing & Instagram account apart.

Invest in professional photos for your Airbnb listing!

Let’s look specifically at Backcountry A-frame in Kremmling, CO.

Backcountry Aframe is everything a gorgeous & thoughtful short term rental should be. It checks off each box.

This is a small sampling of the variety & style of photos from the Backcountry Aframe project.

You can view Backcountry Aframe’s Airbnb listing here, and you can follow along on their Instagram account here. Speaking of IG – the following are great examples of how we’ve collaborated with Backcountry A-frame on the platform with reels.

What Janice has to say about investing in professional photos for Backcountry Aframe.

Professional photography is massively important to help market any short-term rental. Visual storytelling is very different from your traditional real estate listing photography. Basecamp Visual understands how to create inviting content and images to draw in a guest. We’ve used Basecamp Visual for both of our short-term rentals and our occupancy and daily rate outpace the market for both rentals.

Janice Stitzer, Owner of Backcountry Aframe & Sunset Point Cottage

Pricing & Information

*Pricing & Collection Information listed here is a general starting rate and is subject to change based on dates, location, property size, and more. Please inquire directly for a quote specific to your property.*

STR Listing & Social Content packages start at $750. An average investment for a local to us (Park & Summit Counties, Colorado) vacation rental photo content gallery is typically right around $1000. Your total investment varies depending on exact property size, location, and other details.

Owners receive an edited digital gallery of interior photos from each room & the exterior – focusing both on wide shots & all the fun details. Your full gallery is available for your use across your socials, your booking listings (Airbnb, VRBO, etc), and your property’s website, if you have one.

Aerial video & photos are also available, as well as video in the form of short interior clips that can be used for reels, with the option to also be compiled together for a longer website header film. That pricing begins at an additional $1000. Here’s a link to an IG reel that shows an example of what this type of video content can look like.

Let’s talk about how professional photos can elevate your Airbnb’s listing – ultimately filling your calendar & booking more dates!

Ready to revamp the way you share your passion or space with the world? Get in touch today to start the conversation about your Colorado brand project. We specialize in telling brand stories in the Breckenridge, Fairplay, and Buena Vista, Colorado areas *but we’ll go anywhere for the right project!* and we’d love to talk about yours.

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