Sunset Cottage Vacation Rental on the Beach: Granby, CO

Welcome to Granby’s most beautiful space on the beach. Sunset Cottage vacation rental is impeccable. An old boathouse completely renovated and given a new life, it’s exactly what you need for a relaxing Colorado getaway.

There’s truly nothing like an amazing stay at a well thought out vacation rental.

When we were introduced to the Sunset Cottage vacation rental we felt like we hit the STR (short term rental) jackpot!

As is always true with our interior work, our goals with this project were to create beautiful imagery that showed off the entirety of each space, as well as highly focused on the many little details that make it so appealing. This provides a variety of “whole space” shots that show guests exactly what they can expect when they arrive, as well as tight detail shots that pique interest and show the space’s unique character.

When Janice, the owner of Sunset Cottage, reached out she simply asked: “would you come to Granby?” And, I mean, after one look at her space – HECK YES WE WOULD.

She also mentioned how much she loved our photos of The Inn in Buena Vista. At that moment we knew – this was gonna be good. Incredible design. Beautiful details.

Sign. Us. Up.

The Sunset Cottage vacation rental is a beautiful example of a STR done right. It’s intentional, thought-filled, every nook exuding the utmost care and love – all with the goal of being a safe, calming retreat for their guests.

Every single detail – and we mean it – is completely superb.

To learn more about & book your stay at Sunset Cottage, head here.

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