About Us

it all starts with a story.

Ours goes a little something like: fro-yo date —> married in a meadow —> moved to Colorado —> building our dreams and a house in the mountains with our 3 perfectly rowdy little boys.
We’re a real life example of dreams coming true and now we want a front row seat to yours.

Your wild, real love. Your kitchen dance parties. Your embarrassing car concerts. Your camp outs under the stars. Your growing-old-together dreams.

Whatever it looks like - those stories, those big and little in-between moments, mean everything.

This Is Us

Hi, we're Dave & Shanna!

We're the husband and wife team behind Basecamp Visual. It's so cool that you've found your way here!

We specialize in handcrafted, heirloom photography and films for lovaaahs. We'd be super honored to tell your story.

We're nestled just under 11,000 ft. in the breathtaking Colorado Rocky Mountains, where with live with our three boys, Neeson, Copeland, & Barnes. They're our everyday, adorable reasons we believe in preserving the memories of life’s many fleeting moments. It all feels like a dream - a loud, messy, perfect dream.

We believe in getting dirty. In hiking through the woods and jumping across streams. In going a bit off the beaten path. In getting up before dawn to chase the sun... or more likely our coffee + kids. We also enjoy the rare good night's sleep and an equally rare delicious home cooked meal.

We value simplicity, little details, and really great light. There's nothin' perfect here - we like whats real instead. We view our clients as friends and work to fully immerse ourselves in your stories. We promise you'll have so much fun with us.

At the root of it all, our hope is to create authentic and inspiring films + photographs that evoke a strong sense of adventure, exploration, love and connection. Sounds great, yeah?

Are you ready to #exploreyourstory?

us + our little crew

Basecamp Visual made our wedding video dreams come true!

We felt incredibly lucky to find them. Dave was so wonderfully helpful and easy to work with, and he and Trout fit right into our intimate, wild, adventurous mountain wedding vibe. The video Dave and Shanna produced is MIND BLOWING and so perfectly US!!! We have watched it over and over again in tears of happiness, love, and joy. We are so thrilled at how the video not only captures the spirit, energy, and magic of our special day, but also so beautifully and artistically tells the story of our love and commitment to each other. We are unbelievably grateful to the incredible Basecamp Visual team and are going to treasure our video FOREVER!

Again, a huge and heartfelt thank you!!

Brooks + Ashley