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A Mountain Meadow Vow Renewal & Surprise Song

Now WE want mountain meadow vow renewal!

When you’ve been married for 15 years and together far longer, you’d think there’d be few surprises left. When Dan got out his guitar & surprised Britnye with a song he wrote her, it proved with a few simple notes that true love is never done surprising.

mountain meadow vow renewal

Dan reached out about scheduling photos for their 15th anniversary & surprising Britnye with a song he wrote her. It was a fairytale mountain meadow vow renewal of sorts. He and Dave put together the plan, Brit brought the beauty, and I showed up with my cameras. It was a good time.

Dan + Britnye were our first friends when we moved to Colorado over 8 years ago. They saw us through a lot of good times and a few really hard ones.

They were literal life savers when they invited us to live in their basement after our failed Airstream living debacle (our Barnesy boy came home to that basement). Dan was with Dave during his ski accident nearly two years ago and graciously endured many, MANY frantic calls and texts from me in those hours after. I remember holding their newborn daughter when we first met – I thought they were either incredibly kind or maybe crazy for letting a total stranger love on their baby.

Our friendship has seen a lot.

But now, between us, we’ve added 6 little boys to the party in the time we’ve known them. We don’t live in their basement anymore (haha I think we’re all glad for that) and I’m not sure Dave and Dan will ever ski together again (kidding, kidding) – but it sure is fun reminiscing on all the chaos this friendship has seen.

They agreed to meet us at our private mountain meadow & followed along to our favorite neighborhood trail.

They make marriage look good. Their laughter comes easy. Their playfulness is natural. There is truly something special about photographing people in love. Photographing people who have been in love for decades is something extra special.

Grab your tissues – you’ll need them when you see how surprised she was!

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