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The Willuweits | a South Dakota Summer Session at Home

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Many of you know about our Airstream, May. For those who don’t, let me fill you in. Last May of 2018, we sold our century old Colorado Springs home and purchased an 1978 Airstream Argosy, whom we affectionately named May, and planned to renovate and live in full time for a couple years while we saved up to build our dream forever little home in the mountains.

We loaded up most of what we owned and our little family and headed back to my (Shanna!) parents’ house in South Dakota for a couple months. There, we spent our time painstakingly and loving ripping her apart and starting to make her own own. Dave flew back to Colorado a few times for weddings and we did some extra travel of our own during that time frame, too. It was a busy and fun start to our summer!

While there, being VERY aware of our personal set of skills and limitations, we knew there would be certain portions of our renovation that we just couldn’t do ourselves. There comes in Ryan. He and I went to school together and had done our best to keep in touch – wishing each other happy birthdays and congratulations as we each got married and began adding babies to our families. I reached out one evening, blindly throwing it out there – “umm so hey, we gotta build cabinets and stuff for this thing. Can we hire you?” He, even more blindly, agreed. Thus began several weeks of cabinet making that turned into bathroom renovating and wall building and all around general renovating that he definitely didn’t know he signed up for. Ask him if he’ll ever assist in renovating an Airstream again and I can just hear his laugh and resounding “nope.”

While the Airstream life ultimately ended up not being for us – HEY BTW, she’ll be for sale this spring! – we are grateful for the quality work Ryan did for our little home. We know she’ll be MUCH better off for her new future owners than if Dave and I had tried to tackle all that ourselves.

Blood, sweat, and endless cuss words went into this project and with every early morning and late night spent over at his family’s beautiful homestead, I just knew that I needed to snag them for a session – in such a minor way, I hoped this way of saying THANK YOU would be received with open arms. Thankfully, Ryan and his beautiful wife Nichole approached me about doing a session before we left, saving me the awkward “hey so you guys are beautiful can I take your photos?” conversation.

This, friends, is the Willuweit family. One sweet morning, at home, just being them. This is one of my favorite family sessions to date, and I hope you love them, too.

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