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5 Ways to Create a Personalized Engagement Photoshoot

Having your pictures taken should be FUN! And it should feel like YOU. Here are 5 ways to plan for & create a personalized engagement photoshoot!

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Let’s talk about how to plan for a personalized engagement photoshoot!

If you’ve never had your photos professionally captured before, it can be nerve-wracking for sure.

“What do I do with my hands?”
“How should we dress?”
“What if we look awkward together?”
“How can we make sure we actually look like ourselves in our photos?”

So many thoughts can rush through your minds, but I’d love to assure you of 4 things:

  1. I never know what to do with my hands when I’m having my photo taken either. Luckily, I’m way better behind the camera than in front of it, and I can help you feel natural!
  2. If you dress in what you’re comfortable in, you’ll certainly feel your best.
  3. You don’t look awkward. I promise. Everyone says this and it’s true for exactly nobody. 🙂
  4. And finally – let’s chat about ways to personalize your fall engagement photoshoot to make sure your photos feel like you.

Are you ready to plan your engagement photoshoot? Here are a few tips we want to share to help you make sure it your photos feel completely like YOU.

Coordinate your outfits.

The ultimate prop – what you’re wearing! I really only try to steer couples away from big logos on clothing, but aside from that, wear what makes you feel like you! Is that a button up & sweater? Bright colors? Your favorite dress & his newest tie? Cowboy boots, UGGS – whatever it may be. Coordinate your colors & come knowing that you won’t be uncomfortable in something you’d never otherwise wear.

Bring along a matching blanket.

What better to snuggle in, right? I loved this Pendleton one June & Sean brought along!

Don’t forget your favorite drinks!

A favorite drink or two can calm the nerves a bit, AND be really fun for photos! Think champagne pop or a beer explosion. And remember – of course they don’t have to be alcoholic. We can mix up you fave mocktails, too!

Consider something extra – like a picnic with your customized charcuterie board!

It makes for the cutest photos AND ensures you don’t get too hangry halfway through. 🙂

Let yourselves be silly!

Julie & Sean are so much fun together – and not at all afraid to laugh & be silly. This is who they are, so it only makes sense that their photos together reflect it!

What fun engagement session personalization idea would you add to the list?

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