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Foolproof Ways to Include Your Dog in your Big Day

It’s no surprise many of you choose to bring along your pups to your weddings and engagement session, and we are stoked for it! If you’re wondering how to make sure it goes smoothly, here are some tips on how to include your dog in your big day!

dogs at engagement session

If there’s anything consistent about couples who love Colorado it’s that they also love their dogs. We get it! Hiking and fly fishing and trail riding and beer drinking are all more fun when Buddy boy gets to join! It’s no surprise so many of you also want your pet there for your engagement session and wedding, too! We have some tips and ideas to on how to include your dog in your big day. Help make the most of your scheduled session time and ensure your doggo thrives and you get the images and video you’re dreamin’ of. Here are our top 5!

Bring along a friend to help!

We don’t recommend a crowd for your session – we want you to feel comfortable in front of the camera! However, it is a huge added benefit to bring another person along to help entertain your pup during the shots they aren’t in! If you have your dog there for a full wedding day, make sure you have a dedicated person ready. They can help with treats, fresh water, and come with a willing attitude to do what they need to to help your pets be comfortable – even if that means taking them for a walk or back to the house to rest.

include your dog in your big day

Don’t forget the treats & toys!

Your photographer will thank you. As funny as I may think I am, your dog doesn’t care. Put some treats or his favorite toy in my hand and we’ll be golden. There’s nothing cuter than some super cute perky eared shots of Buddy boy looking at the camera.

include your dog in your big day

Include something special for your pet.

A flower collar (CUTE!), fun bandana, or a little plaid sweater is the perfect added pop! Extras such as this will aesthetically tie the full look of your session together.

Be realistic.

We’re here to have fun! So what if your doggo doesn’t want to sit and pose for the “perfect” photo? So what if she’s way more interested in that squirrel or rock over there? We’ll roll with it and it’ll be great no matter what!

Keep your vendors in the loop!

When you’re planning your engagement session or wedding, let your vendors know if you plan to bring along your dog(s)! Your photographer will want to be prepared with ideas for some great shots! Not only that, but there are some trails and open spaces that do not allow pets (including Rocky Mountain National Park!) – darnit. A surprise pup could really put a damper on your day if we had planned to go somewhere they aren’t allowed. What a bummer!

how to include your dog in your big day

All in all, bringing your dog along to your wedding or engagement session can be SO fun! It’s only right to celebrate such a big time in your lives with your furry best bud, too!

Basecamp Visual is a Colorado based husband and wife photography and videography team run by us, David & Shanna McCann. We place the highest value on storytelling and preserving life’s beautifully fleeting moments, and take great pride in crafting heirloom style galleries and films. We are enthusiastically booking new weddings and elopements and would LOVE to join you for your big day – get in touch to learn more and get your date locked down!

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