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Alex & Steph || An Icelandic Elopement

“Here’s to all the places we’ve been, and to all the places we’ll go. And here’s to me whispering again and again and again: I love you.” – John Green

It started with a few innocent texts and Facebook messages and quickly escalated to Dave BEGGING me, at what felt like a million months pregnant, to allow him to go to Iceland in September. September, right after our second son would be born. Literally, mere days after. I’m either insane or the coolest wife in the world because without skipping a beat, I told him he MUST GO. I mean, it’s freaking ICELAND. My only stipulation was that I get to go along the next time. You hear that, future elopements of the world? Take me to Iceland.

Living vicariously through the adventures Dave, Jen (from JenDz), and her husband Josh had with Steph & Alex, I almost, ALMOST felt like I was there with them. You guys, Iceland is INCREDIBLE. And Steph wins #bravebride of the year, am I right? Fearless and willing to do anything for the perfect shots, I’m pretty sure she and Alex were both Jen & Dave’s dream couple. By the way – check out Jen’s blog post with all the gorgeous images!

We hope you love this film. It’s one of our favorites.

Are you currently planning your destination wedding? We’d love to tag along to tell your story! I (Shanna) definitely plan to not be pregnant so I can go wherever your adventure takes us. Shoot us a quick email so we can start the conversation!



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