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What Is Wedding Coaching & Why Do You Need It?

You’ve heard of marriage counseling, but what the heck is wedding coaching? Why do you need it? Here’s a little insight to what it is and how it can help keep you sane during the madness of wedding planning.

nearlywed wedding coaching, Denver, CO

We are SO excited to introduce you to Tirzah, owner of Nearlywed Coaching. We met Tirzah at the beautiful Carly & Chloe’s witchy moody Denver wedding day and couldn’t be more thrilled to share some of her light with you.

We’ve asked her to talk about her business and her goals to help couples JUST LIKE YOU. We asked, she answered.

You can also read some thoughts from Carly & Chloe, our amazing brides & clients/friends of Tirzah’s. They’ve shared how Tirzah’s wedding coaching helped them create a totally authentic and true to them wedding day.

1. Tell us a bit about you, Tirzah. (This is Tirzah shown below!)

Hi, I’m Tirzah. Fun fact about me…my middle name is Joy. So, when you say my first and middle name together it sounds like, “Tears of Joy”. I was born and raised in Boulder, CO and lived in New York City for 10 years, where I became a Licensed Social Worker. There, I worked in domestic violence and homelessness services for a decade, and now consider myself a “Retired Social Worker”. Finally, I moved back to Colorado in 2015 and got married to my amazing wife in 2019. I launched NearlyWed Coaching in September, 2021. I am a Queer-Owned business, and am so excited to support couples of all identities as I bring something new and needed to the wedding industry!

nearlywed wedding coaching, Tirzah Stein

2. What exactly is “wedding coaching?” Give us the scoop on your business, Nearlywed Coaching.

Wedding Coaching is an unbiased support system to help engaged couples create the wedding they truly want by going below the surface of logistical planning and focusing on the emotional side of creating a wedding.

 Let’s keep it real, wedding planning is stressful, overwhelming, and can bring up a mountain-sized pile of dynamics to navigate. What other time in a couples life are you both hosting a major event for all your friends and family while also being the guests of honor? It’s kind of a mind-fuck. While society is telling you this should be the happiest time of your life, you are most likely experiencing pressures, expectations, external opinions, the needs of friends and family. All while at the same time trying to keep it all together. 

It’s as if you get engaged and then are swept up in a whirlwind of “book this vendor asap and get this list checked off now”. It can be easy to lose sight of why you are getting married in the first place. Wedding Coaching helps couples slow down and make intentional decisions that are aligned with their values. It helps as a reminder of what matters to them in the creation of their wedding. Couples will be able to come together to create a wedding and ceremony that honors and weaves together their similarities and differences in culture, backgrounds, religion, identity, personalities, etc. 

Wedding Coaching is changing how couples get married.

It is a supportive and unbiased service that helps couples navigate the hard stuff we don’t often talk about, but most of us experience when planning a wedding. It is about normalizing their experiences, supporting them through the journey, and helping them remain authentic to who they are as a couple. Ultimately, this creates the wedding they truly want. 

And the bonus you as? Wedding Coaching helps couples work through conflict and disagreements to be more connected, meet in the middle, improve communication, and strengthen their relationship before marriage! 

3. What made you decide to start providing wedding coaching for couples?

After a decade long domestic violence and trauma work career, I was burnt out and ready for a change. I was also going through the wedding planning journey with my wife, quickly realizing how stressful and overwhelming it all was. I started to think about how it would be nice to have someone in our corner. Someone who could help us from a more emotional standpoint really figure out and get clear on what we wanted for our wedding. So…last year, I decided to quit my 9-5 and become the person I wish we had while planning our wedding. 

Starting this business was a huge leap of faith for me. After working with my first few clients I knew it helped these couples on a deep level and it mattered! I can’t wait to bring Wedding Coaching to more couples! And, because it is a virtual service, couples can receive this support no matter where they are getting married in the world! 

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4. What is the biggest takeaway you hope couples leave with after consulting with you?

I hope couples are able to come out of Wedding Coaching with their own authentic wedding blueprint that encompasses their values and what they truly want. NOT the feeling that their only path is to go with the status quo and/or have the type of wedding other’s think they should have. 

It’s another hope that couples are able to explore multiple options so they can make informed and intentional decision in the creation of their wedding. It’s my hope they feel free to break outside of the traditional wedding blueprint (if they so choose) to really make their wedding their own. 

Another hope I have is that couples feel less stress and anxiety while wedding planning and are able to navigate difficult dynamics that arise by having an unbiased support system by their side. 

I hope couples gain tools to improve communication and connection within their relationship, so that when they enter into marriage their relationship is in an even stronger place. Because if you can wedding plan together, you can probably do anything! ☺ 

I hope that couples have the most bad-ass wedding that is aligned with what makes their relationship unlike any other. And after the wedding, that they can look back and say it was not only everything thing they wanted, but was a true reflection of their love! 

wedding coaching

Carly & Chloe (pictured above!), tell us how Tirzah’s wedding coaching helped you during your planning process.

Tirzah’s wedding coaching helped my wife and I to plan the authentic wedding of our dreams. As a couple, we had vastly different ideas of how we wanted our wedding to look. Finding a middle ground for this huge event in our lives, proved to be difficult. Tirzah was able to talk us through some of the hardest decisions for our wedding. It helped both of us compromise and meet each other in the middle. She took the time to listen to us, and truly understand where both of us were coming from. She got to the core of each of us. What our values and beliefs are as individuals, and how that influenced what we wanted in a wedding. Tirzah helped us take both of our ideas and turn them into a wedding that celebrated both of us as individuals and as a couple. 

Tirzah helped us strengthen the dynamics of our relationship during one of the most difficult decision making processes that we had gone through as a couple. As a multiracial queer couple who come from different cultures and backgrounds, it was important for us to find vendors who can understand our unique experience. Tirzah truly saw us, understood us, and celebrated us and our relationship. We loved working with Tirzah, and highly recommend her to every couple who is planning a wedding. She helped us and our relationship in every step of wedding planning, so that when we walked down the aisle we were more confident and strong as a couple than ever before.

Ways you can connect directly with Tirzah:

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