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As a product photographer in Colorado, we get an up-close view at some incredible small businesses. Gray Duck Gifts is no exception! Making gifting easy & stress-free, it’s your one stop for beautifully curated gifts!

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Curating gifting is such a grand idea! You’d think, a product photographer in Colorado should have some skills for creative gifting right? Turns outs creativity doesn’t stretch across the board – at least not for us. We can offer beautiful photos and videos, but picking the perfect gift for a loved one… not as easy!

When we were approached by Suze, owner and founder of Gray Duck Gifts, she introduced us to her idea for locally sourced, beautiful curated gifts. You can purchase existing boxes – each perfectly themed for your recipient , or work together with her team to create custom gifts exactly suited for who you’re gifting them to. It’s incredible!

When we discussed Suze’s requests for their brand photos, we knew it was important to keep the photos bright, clean, and naturally colored to best show off every single hand-sourced item.

Our goals with any branding project are to authentically show off what you sell. Whether that’s yourself, a physical product, or a serviceable idea, it’s important to give clear insight into your brand. Headshots that aren’t forced. Product shots that use natural light, playful composition & playful composition. Creative product shots that aren’t boring – that’s the name of the game here! We focused on using natural light (including some fun shadows) to show off Gray Duck Gift’s beautiful packaging.

And today, we’re sharing our small part in it with you. I’ll take one of each, please.

To learn more about Suze & Gray Duck Gift’s curated packages, head here.

Ready to revamp the way you share your passion or space with the world? Get in touch today to start the conversation about your Colorado brand project. We specialize in telling brand stories in the Breckenridge, Fairplay, and Buena Vista, Colorado areas and we’d love to talk about yours.

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