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we make wedding films so good you’ll watch yours once. a day.

Ready to cry? We can pretty much promise that you will once you watch your film for the first time... and then again every time after, because hear us say - you will watch it more than once. Call us crazy, but if tears are shed and goosebumps spread we know we've done our job.

Leave a lasting legacy for your family with a handcrafted wedding film you’ll watch over and over again. Our wedding and elopement film packages include partial or full day coverage, completely epic shots of all the best moments (yep, also including the once you didn't notice), professional audio, drone footage (WHEN and IF weather and location allow), and fully-licensed music so you can share anywhere and as much as you’d like.

How else can you relive all the sights and sounds of your wedding day? The movement of your dress, the catch in his voice during your vows?

Your wedding video shouldn't be an afterthought. It shouldn't be added from an a la carte menu. It shouldn't be the icing on the cake. It should BE the cake.

And we make great cakes.

Everyone wants to hire their talented best friend to capture their wedding but you can’t make your talented best friend work on your wedding day. So, we had to find some new best friends, through months of internet “dating” *ahem* Instagram “stalking” we found the perfect pair. From the first conference call to the last selfie, Dave and Shanna were THE dynamic, talented best friends to capture our wedding. Dave and Shanna are remarkable visionaries. Through complications like an avalanche, snow storms, and power outages, they stuck beside us offering solutions while keeping us in good spirits. Their spirited audacity and willingness to go every extra mile just to tell our love story with those authentic moments, means we get to relive our wedding for the rest of our lives. Dave and Shanna aren’t just going to be another vendor at you wedding, they are genuine people who you’re going to want to share the rest of your life with.

-Matt + Ginger

It has taken us a ridiculous amount of time to try to come up with words to express how we feel & for how grateful we are for our elopement video Dave + Shanna did for us. I have finally figured it out. I am speechless - no words seem worthy enough to describe their talent they shared with us. The connection was immediate, the flow - natural. Our film - EVERYTHING, chills & so many feels every time we revisit that beautiful September day.


-Chelsea + Bobby

Working with Dave and Shanna was a dream from start to finish. Their love for nature and adventure completely matched the spirit we wanted to capture for our wedding. They were incredibly communicative, friendly and eager to make sure our wedding video was perfect. On the day of, Dave and his assistant, Trout, had a perfect balance of getting to know us and then also making us feel comfortable so that we barely noticed we were being filmed. Honestly, I can’t imagine a more beautiful way to capture our day; I think the investment we made was the best money we spent on the whole wedding.

- Grace + Brian

Wow. We are eternally grateful to Dave and Shanna for perfectly capturing our wedding day. We weren't even planning on hiring a videographer, but the second we saw Dave and Shanna's work, we knew we had to go for it. And man, was it the best decision we've ever made. And probably the best investment we made throughout the whole wedding planning process. Not only were Dave and Shanna extremely easy and wonderful to work with, but they also made the whole process FUN - which is exactly how it should be. Not to mention, THE TALENT these two possess. I mean, come on!!! The final product truly blew us away in every sense - the connection to nature that's captured throughout, the ability to harness the true essence/vibe of the day, the creativity both with shooting and with editing... the list goes on. Thank you, thank you, thank you to the Basecamp Visual team for providing us with a beautiful way for us to relive our day over and over (and over... and over....) for many years to come. We are so incredibly thankful for you, Dave & Shanna! Keep doing what you're doing :)

-Ciara + Jon

Dave and Shanna are audio/visual artistic geniuses! Our wedding teaser and full wedding video were absolutely incredible. They far exceeded our expectations. We LOVE watching them – I have been known to watch them on repeat. The videos capture our joy and love so beautifully, and they highlight the intricate details of our venue and the day in a way that will help us remember every little thing. They way the put together the different elements is incredibly creative and just plain fun! One of our favorite parts, though, is that our video points us to Jesus and helps us remember the true foundation of our love and marriage. Dave and Shanna, you guys go above and beyond. Thank you so much! You are AMAZING.

-Makenna + Seth

One piece of advice I always give to my newly engaged friends is to splurge on videography. A wedding film illustrates the sights, sounds, and special moments of your wedding day in a way that cannot be captured with only an image – the pouring rain early in the morning, the hustle and bustle before the ceremony, the adoring smile of your soon-to-be, the raw passion in your vows. While the memories of the day tend to fade, you’ll have a video to look back on forever. Dave and Shanna depicted our personalities and love for each other perfectly. They worked tirelessly to give us a film that was true to us. Their creativity for each heirloom film is unmatched. And a year later, all the emotions (and tears, lots and lots of tears) still rush back to us every time we watch our wedding film.

-Rande + Adam

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